Expat Solutions was established by an experienced team of financial consultants with an abundance of experience in the expat market. The group recognised that a new strategy and approach was now demanded by their clients, one that was more client orientated and addressed client needs. As such, Expat Solutions was formed, based on traditional core values, with a modern approach and the highest levels of attention to detail and customer service.

We are a British owned company with team members from the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, South Africa, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States and Canada. Our clients are based around the globe in over 100 countries, and we assist them with all their
financial requirements, including monthly investments, lump sums, unlocking pensions, health insurance and life assurance.

While many other companies may offer the same products, it is our level of service that sets us apart. We appreciate that your time is valuable, as ours is too. Hence, we try to avoid small talk, unnecessary jargon and arranging face-to-face meetings which could be done using modern technology. This approach means that we provide a fast, efficient and professional service with policies setup, top-ups completed and withdrawals usually processed with 72-hours.

Our modern, forward-thinking approach also helps us to save you money. Our fixed costs are kept to a minimum. We shy away from the old-fashioned need for luxury offices filled with unnecessary and expensive frills, all of which are indirectly charged to clients. By completing as much work as possible remotely, we can keep our costs low, and these savings are passed on to our clients. We charge a percentage on our client’s accounts, so we are incentivised to make you money. The more money you make, the more money we make, so we all share a common goal.

Our objective is to build long-lasting professional relationships, and we understand that to achieve this, we must not only meet our clients’ demands but surpass them. Excellence is a term that is often overused, but we believe that it is appropriate when we are talking about our levels of service. To maintain these standards, we have a professional compliance team, with strict processes and procedures in place. These procedures and processes are frequently and independently monitored and reviewed.

We are firm believers in adopting a professional and ethical approach at all times, and all our team members are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they meet our high standards.

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