Health Insurance

Although medical treatment is, on the whole, cheaper in South East Asia than in the West, it can still be incredibly expensive, particularly in the case of expats. If you were to be involved in a major accident or develop a serious illness, without sufficient medical insurance, your bank balance would be severely depleted.

Sadly, in Asia, if you don’t have the funds to pay for your care or sufficient health insurance, essential treatment may be refused or at best delayed until you have proof that costs can be covered. Is this burden which you would want to place on family or friends, during a period which will already be stressful enough?

At Expat Solutions, we strongly advise all expats to take out adequate health insurance not just for themselves, but for every member of their family. We are vastly experienced in providing solutions for expats regardless of where they are based in the world. Our team can assist individuals, families, the employed and self-employed as well as corporate clients. Expat Solutions has an extensive spectrum of medical options available to suit your circumstances and budget.

Health Insurance is important for all expats. Don't get caught without it and have peace of mind knowing that if any accidents do occur, you wont be hit with a pricey hospital bill.

We carefully select the best medical insurance providers; the companies who we know will fulfil their obligations when required. We all want to be confident that are loved ones are in the best possible hands where their health is concerned so you should always ensure that they offer sufficient levels of coverage. In Thailand, it is possible to take out various levels of cover; some will offer “in-patient only” cover, while others include differing levels of additional “outpatient cover”. Many policies have optional extras including dental, maternity and repatriation cover.

Personal Accident Insurance is one such optional extra and is something that we advise our clients to take. The cover is in addition to medical insurance and ensures you will be treated in the event of an accident. The cover is inexpensive and gives you that added peace of mind. Regardless of your location, whether you are in Thailand, other parts of Asia or indeed the rest of the world, we can find the most appropriate health cover for you and your family.

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Expat Solutions Insurance

What it includes:

  • – Premium health insurance suitable for expats and their families
  • – First-class medical cover for everyone on your policy
  • – Bespoke cover to suit your needs and budget
  • – Optional outpatient, dental, maternity and repatriation cover

Additional protection depending on your plan:

  • – Emergency 24-hour ambulance cover
  • – Additional emergency services cover
  • – Hospital costs including in-patient and outpatient care as per your policy
  • – Laboratory, pharmaceutical and associated clinicians fees

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